yenilendi! Genpa, Genpa Ailem ve Genpa Bayi üye girişleri artık hepsi bir arada... yenilendi! Genpa, Genpa Ailem ve Genpa Bayi üye girişleri artık hepsi bir arada...


Having started to act as a commerce center in 1978, GENPA belongs to the group company ERDEM GROUP that has been operating under the guidance of Dr. Zeynel Abidin Erdem since 1965. The brand opened its doors to communication world with the arrival of GSM technology to Turkey in 1993. A pioneer in distribution of technological products, services and innovations, GENPA Telecommunication maintains its leadership position in the group.

GENPA aims to accomplish its vision to become the most preferred company by manufacturers, operators, clients and employees; through its mission of providing its customers a constantly evolving business model, fast service, high quality and affordable prices for all the innovations, products and services in technology.

In addition to being Turkey distributor and retail sales company of the brands Alcatel, Apple, Casper, General Mobile, GNP, Honor, Huawei, Lenovo, Omix, Oppo, Realme, Reeder, Samsung, TCL, Tecno, Xiaomi, Vivo mobiles and tables; GENPA also serves wholesale, retail sales, distribution and technical services for Apple iPhone mobile phones, iPad and its accessories with the assistance of Turkcell.

As the distributor of Turkcell, the company provides services for Turkcell SIM cards and Spare SIM Cards. Also, it operates as the sole authorized distributor of Cellular Line, the most important accessory brand in Europe.

All products promoted and sold by GENPA, can be found in its website or through its call center with number 0212 359 0 359. Having regional sales offices in Istanbul, Izmir and Adana, GENPA has a wide area of service including more than 1000 sales points, more than 500 Turkcell dealers that has a wide distribution area covering the whole country.

GENPA has After Sales Services in 7 points including Istanbul (Europe and Asia), Adana, Ankara, Bursa and Izmir. With the basic principle of client satisfaction and high-tech equipment, GENPA also operates as the Authorized Technical Service Point for product series such as ; Apple iPhone, Apple Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPad, Beats, Cellularline, Omix, PanzerGlass, Turkcell T Serisi, Turkcell VINN, Xiaomi and Vivo.

Considering its dealers and established customer base as its most important assets, GENPA has a quality policy for continuous improvement based on global standards and continues the development of its reliability and brand name through different, creative solutions and products with the power it gains from its young and dynamic employees who are supported to take initiatives and continuously develop their competencies.


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